Yolo Group Partners with Solaride for Next-Level Sustainable Innovation

Yolo Group Partners with Solaride for Next-Level Sustainable Innovation

• Yolo Group, a leader in innovation for gaming, fintech, and blockchain, has partnered with Solaride to encourage students to study technology and promote clean energy.
• The partnership will see Yolo Group’s logo feature on the SolarCar as it competes in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia.
• Mirjam Laurisaar from Yolo Group will also take part in a leadership training day with Solaride to assist with recruitment across workshops.

Yolo Group Partners With Solaride

Yolo Group , known for its innovative work in the gaming, fintech, and blockchain industries, has entered into a landmark partnership with Solaride . Based out of Estonia, Solaride is an interdisciplinary project that focuses on encouraging students to study technology and promoting clean energy.

Solar Car Competition

The partnership between Yolo Group and Solaride will include the appearance of the Yolo Group logo on the SolarCar as it competes against top universities around the world in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge . The 3,000km race between Darwin and Adelaide begins on October 22nd. Karl Tanel Paes , Head of Finance and Partnerships at Solaride , expressed his excitement about partnering with Yolo Group: “Team Solaride is delighted to have Yolo Group as a sponsor. Their support will help us promote engineering and technology…we are excited to present our solar car to the world and inspire others with the help of Yolo Group.“

Leadership Training Day

In September, Mirjam Laurisaar from Yolo Group’s Talent Acquisition team will be taking part in a leadership training day alongside members of Solaride’s team . During this workshop-style event she will be assisting them with recruitment efforts across their organization. Richard Barnwell , Head of Partnerships at Yolo group commented: “We’ve been massively impressed by everything the Solaride team has achieved over the past three years… they share our fun, fast, and fair values.“

Background Of The Project

The origins of this project began back in 2020 when two university students had an idea to build a solar car within Baltic nations – thus spawning what would become known as ‚Solaride‘. Now more than 300 high school students, university students mentors trainers partners have all come together to create this incredible interdisciplinary education program which not only promotes technological education but also works towards creating environmentally conscious innovators for future generations.


This remarkable collaboration between two entities who share similar values offers an exciting glimpse into how projects such as these can benefit society both now and long into the future. By working together they hope that they can continue inspiring others with their passion for sustainable tech initiatives.