TRON TPS Surges as Active Accounts and Transactions Rise

TRON TPS Surges as Active Accounts and Transactions Rise


• TRON’s transactions per second (TPS) has surpassed other major cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum [ETH], Bitcoin [BTC], and Ripple [XRP].
• The number of active accounts on the Tron network increased substantially over the past few days.
• Despite a surge in activity, the total value locked (TVL) on the TRON network declined.

Increasing Transaction Per Second

TRON Community announced that TRX had surpassed other major cryptos such as ETH, BTC, and XRP in terms of TPS. At press time, TRON’s TPS had increased to 88.20. This spike in TPS resulted in an increase of the overall number of transactions on the TRON network from 5.6 million to 7.05 million according to TRONSCAN’s information.

Active Accounts

The high number of transactions resulted from a rise in activity on the Tron network which caused an increase in active accounts on Tron’s network potentially surpassing 2 million over time. This was attributed to dApps like SunSwap observing a 15.67% uptick in unique active wallets with 102,470 transactions at press time according to Dapp Radar data.

Declining Value Locked

Despite this surge of activity, Defi Llama’s data showed that TVL decreased from $5.41 billion to $5.16 billion due to lack of presence in DeFi sector which could be detrimental for success in long run if not addressed soon enough.

TRX Volatility & Volume

Tron’s native cryptocurrency, TRX did not experience any growth despite high activity on its network with volume declining from 422 million to 210 million during same period according to Santiment data while volatility rose which could prevent risk-averse investors from investing further at press time negatively impacting its state for future developments .