LBank Kicks Off Latin American Expansion with São Paulo Meetup

LBank Kicks Off Latin American Expansion with São Paulo Meetup

• LBank is hosting their first crypto meet-up in Latin America on April 18th.
• The event will be held in São Paulo and brings together 7 local speakers to discuss the current trends of the crypto market in Brazil and Latin America.
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LBank Hosting First Crypto Exchange Meet-Up in Latin America

LBank, a global crypto exchange, is kicking off its first meet-up in Latin America with 7 influential speakers representing the local Web3 community. The event will be held on April 18th at the IGLOO Network located in São Paulo – one of Brazil’s biggest financial hubs.

Event Aimed at Bringing Local Community Together

The event, aptly titled „WEB3 LATAM: Perspectives and Current Trends of the Crypto Market In Brazil and Latin America,“ aims to bring together members of the local community while also fostering quality discussion and debate surrounding pressing matters within the industry. At least seven experts from the region will lead panels and lectures on ongoing revolutions and trends relating to decentralized digital assets throughout Latin America as well as provide perspectives on regulation of cryptocurrencies in the region, challenges for investment opportunities into digital assets, and tokenization.

Networking Opportunity for Professionals & Enthusiasts

Participants will be able to network with other professionals and enthusiasts during this event. Amongst those invited are Evelyne Yao (Strategy & Innovation Specialist at Banco Votorantim), Daniel de Paiva Gomes (Bitcoin author & blockchain researcher), Daniel Coquieri (CEO of Liqi Digital Assets), Fabrício Tota (Director of Mercado Bitcoin).

Kicking Off Expansion Plans

LBank’s first Latin American meet-up marks a major milestone towards gaining more ground within this region. São Paulo has emerged as an important player within Web3 scene – with many startups, investors, entrepreneurs flocking to this city making it an ideal location for such an event. Henrique Marinho (Head Of Latin America) stated that “This event is a great way to kick start our expansion as we build relations with some of the biggest names in local crypto industry… Our team will also get to spend valuable time with our retail and institutional investors”.

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Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice but if you are interested, sign up for LBank’s LATAM meet-up here!