International authorities work together to dismantle crypto-funded child pornography ring

International authorities work together to dismantle crypto-funded child pornography ring

The Spanish Civil Guard has dismantled a child pornography gang that used transactions with crypto-currencies to pay for content. Multiple individuals across the country were eventually arrested.

According to the Spanish Guardia Civil, operation „Jekyll“ captured three people involved in the „Welcome 2 Video“ platform, thanks in part to additional support from U.S. authorities.

South Korean Prosecutors Freeze Wallets of Alleged Child Pornography Ring Leader

Bitcoin and „anonymous tokens“
Users sent Bitcoin and „other tokens or anonymous money transfer services“ to access videos on the dark web site. Members were also rewarded for uploading their own videos and photos to the platform.

The analysis of thousands of crypto-currency transactions eventually led to arrests related to the site.

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In Operation Kugantxu, police arrested a person in Bilbao, Spain, for buying child pornography and paying for streaming services where minors were raped live or on demand. The name of the site was not disclosed.

According to the Guardia Civil, the website is allegedly run by people in the Philippines. Once the country’s Transnational Criminal Investigation Unit was alerted, they were finally able to identify the authors of the content.

Another operation, called „Kiru“, led to the capture of a man from Madrid accused of sexually abusing a 16-year-old girl, who was the stepdaughter of the suspect.

Anonymous payments of crypto-currencies hinder child pornography case in South Korea

Transnational operation against child pornography gang
The massive police operation identified a total of 20 people located in the United States, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama and Peru.

On June 2, a South Korean court ordered the freezing of all crypto-currency wallets, securities deposits and stock accounts owned by Cho Ju-bin, the alleged head of the Nth Ward; a Telegram channel under investigation for circulation of child pornography.

Since then, experts have said that investigators in the Crypto Genius Nth room case may have trouble identifying users who used crypto currency payments.