Monat: November 2020

L’Europe se rapproche d’un accord de relance : Bitcoin fait un bond en avant

Comme nous l’avons tous remarqué, le bitcoin est en pleine expansion, comme jamais auparavant au cours des trois dernières années. La monnaie se négocie actuellement à environ 13 850 dollars, soit un peu moins de 14 000 dollars, comme elle l’aurait fait il y a quelques jours pour une brève période, et beaucoup s’attendent à…

Investment in Bitcoin (BTC) from MicroStrategy turns out well: $100 million in the plus

In August and September, MicroStrategy was in the news because it was the first listed company to invest heavily in bitcoin. In total, the company purchased more than 38 thousand Bitcoin Fortune for an average value of $11,111 per currency. MicroStrategy’s investment now stands at more than $100 million. The company has 38,250 bitcoin in…

OCC to boost attractiveness of 100% fiat-backed stablecoins

Discover in video Nathalie Janson’s prediction about stablecoins. Banks based in the USA will receive deposits linked to the issuance of stable crypto-currencies which will enhance the attractiveness of these? The reflections presented in this prediction series also touch on other ideas of the macroeconomic order. We invite you to discuss each prediction made by…